The Gist

In 2099 Earth is populated mostly by androids with humans relegated to bioshelters and orbiting satellites due to atmospheric toxicity. While humankind’s population has plummeted they are still in full control of all android beings who are unaffected by the changes in the composition of the atmosphere.

Following the Rules of Robotics, all androids are completely subservient to their organic counterparts although humans tend to stay out of everyday affairs having set up an infrastructure for them to police themselves.

Chandler is an IT Detective and officer delegated to trace androids suffering from system failures that often lead to acts of extreme violence. Upon their arrest the detective brings them into the IT Reprogramming Center to fix whatever ails them with a swallowed software pill and whatever reconstruction is required. This is how he meets Kozi, an erosbot working the streets near one of his busts. During the arrest her arm is destroyed and Chandler feels indebted to her as the two grow closer.

My current intention is to publish this as a webseries that includes many different formats. Sometimes I will use animation to tell the story. Other times I will use comic illustration, motion comics animatics, or even GIFs. Which ever tells that particular portion of the story best.

Hopefully I will have enough content to start publishing in April or May. I intend on making it free and asking for donations or shares along with merchandising and ads to keep things afloat as long as I can.

Music: Epic Drums of Doom #5

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